Micro-Patronage made easy: Get rewarded for your content!



SponsorWall gives Internet users a choice between starving content creators or rewarding them, between being flooded with advertising or sponsoring good content.

SponsorWall keeps Internet content free while at the same time rewarding creative people and unique thinkers.

SponsorWall democratizes patronage and sponsorship.

Patrons can express their support for what is near and dear to their heart.

Sponsors can place their message on every website that is important to them. By using SponsorWall, they make sure that 100% of their donation reaches the creator of the content (rather than Google pocketing 60-80% of the advertising spending on the content owner's website).

SponsorWall includes a competitive element: The earlier the donation is made in a sponsorship cycle , the bigger the share on the SponsorWall. The later a donation is made, the more sponsors have to invest to achieve the same amount of visibility.


SponsorWall for Content Creators

Focus on what you do best: create great content! The better the content the more your fans will sponsor you.

It is really easy:

  • Create your very own SponsorWall
  • Embed it on your website
  • Inform your community how it works. They will quickly figure out that sponsoring can be fun, especially when “their” team or idea is bigger than the other
  • Keep ALL the proceeds.

Unlike Google® AdSense®, SponsorWall is free – we do not take a cut.

SponsorWall for Sponsors

SponsorWall allows you to support the thinkers, artists, ideas, campaigns, and websites you like. Get the credit you deserve by putting your name or logo on the SponsorWall. Or make an existing Sponsor more prominent – your team has to win.

It is easy:

  • Click "Sponsor" on the SponsorWall on your favorite website
  • Specify your donation
  • Add your name/logo to the list of Sponsors OR support an existing sponsor
  • The size of your sponsorship on the SponsorWall will be determined by the percentage of your donation as compared to all donations.

The earlier you are in the sponsoring cycle, the more space you get for the same donation. And rest assured: your entire donation goes to the content creator